Who From Mindless Behavior is Best for you?

Prodigy wields incredible dance and vocal skills. Ray Ray studied under legendary L. Princeton started his career at the age of four, starring in commercials for Skechers, McDonalds, Nike and also music videos. Since their debut album ” 1 Girl”, the group boasts eye-catching 21st Century fashion and impressive dance moves. The group has opened sold-out tours for Backstreet Boys and Justin Bieber. Star and Beauty are lifelong friends. Star brings a cutesy, prissy element to the group. She is the quiet, laidback one; however, she hits the stage with raw and exciting energy.

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An audition was held and out of people the four were chosen to come together as a group. The name Mindless Behavior was already created by their manager Keisha Gamble. Each individual in the group can sing but Prodigy is the lead singer and Ray Ray and Roc are the main rappers. He is the best that ever did it and you have to study the greats and become greater.

Ray Ray is also a huge Kanye West fan because of his creativity and being unique. All four of the guys get along and they know how to enjoy themselves and have fun.

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Word is that Nini’s artist Amy may be pregnant by her fiance Nick. She appears to be gaining weight mainly around her stomach and her tweet last week has many fans wondering if this may be true. She tweeted “OMG the greatest most beautifulest thing is happening! I hope it doesn’t take 9 months I cant wait that long!!!!

Neither artist has commented on the situation yet, but we wish them the best of luck if its true! Speaking of pregnancy, It seems that Royal artist Miranda Cosgrove may be expecting also. She has been linked to “Micheal” from the PSR boy band “One Direction” since and they are seen everywhere together and Miranda’s statement on her website got many people suspicious, with her saying “What If I was to be a mama soon??

We aren’t sure if she was just speaking on it or if its more to it, but many people seem to think they are the next PSR women who will be pushing out babies soon so congrats to them both, if its true of course! In other news, royal artist Cymphonique Miller has had a huge argument today with her brother Romeo. We are not sure how the argument started, but it was brutal and being that Cymphonique is one of the artists who wants to keep the job environment professional, she took it outside where they continued their argument.

There were curse words flying at each other with Cymphonique screaming “I’m not a fucking kid, stop treating me like one” and Romeo yelling “Watch how you talk to me I ain’t your goddamn friend” and it ended with Romeo getting smacked by his sister and she stormed away down the street. The fight was captured by many camera crews who were on site and seen by many fans who were walking by.

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Folks you didn’t see on tv and some ish that just need to be discussed. When did folks start popping bottles on the front row during the show? And how did Ray-J feel with Kim having better seats than him? And we love the fact she acknowledged the women before her like Lauryn Hill after BET took that tax dig at Lauryn by writing that joke for Mindless Behavior to say–who probably weren’t even born yet when Lauryn was on top.

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All of the boys: We honestly dont know. Well the fact yall are even doubting us Kinda gives us our answer All the boys were thankful for that. Everyone walks of the bus. Selena, Chayla, Katie, and Tavoy still pissed. And the OMG Girlz very pleased because this wasnt even a part of their plan. So Tavoy, Katie, Chayla, and Selena there is a room right over there that you guys can go and chill in and watch whats going on out here.

They were just silent. The guys went to hug them and say I love you but they just pulled away and walked in the room.

Mindless Behavior is Out of the Music Group Competition

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I hope you love Platitudes! Allow me to take you behind the veil with an actual review. OK, so the movie itself is all platitudes, do your best, be who you are except also be “mindless” though that is never really explained and yadda yadda yadda. Be who you are is weird coming from people who do not choose their own names or personas nor write their own songs and with the auto-tune, they barely sing them nor do their own dance moves, so yeah, be who a marketing team says you should be.

But don’t be gay, the boys are kind of homophobic. For the most part, their moves are very precise and the feats of onstage dance and movement are very apt and keen, but the rest, yikes. It’s so damn clumsy, it’s constantly hitting you over the head with “do your best” and that’s sad because an actual movie IS lurking here, but it’s not the one on screen. The real movie is a study on fame and money.

How a record executive saw a hole in a medium and was “called by God” no, seriously, that’s his reasoning to audition 4 kids to create a boy band.

Bad Behavior

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Hey your Prodigy from Mindless Behavior right? Give me a sec. Daaang bro you fast Prod:

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After Castor tells her that he is in hiding because of her bro, Emi tells him that her friends keep asking her for the pink stuff. Castor lets her know that he has dropped that business.

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Prod and Ray creeping on tumblr 2. Myles posted a cheek where roc was shirtless on the tour buss. Mindless Behavior’s new movie “Bad Behavior” 4. Is Desiree supposed to be that “friend of rocs” he’s been talking too? The reason why Roc doesn’t have anything coming out such as a clothing like the other boys is because he is too busy in the studio.

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Question and answer in the. I love Mindless Behavior. Is Princeton from mindless behavior dating zendaya. Behavior Imagines by Royalmilkchocolate with, you guys umm I have decided that I. From the story Mindless. S next for the band and. Mindless Behavior will be in the Cambio studios this. Mindless Behavior Wiki who is prodigy dating from the mindless behavior.

No public statement has been made as yet naming anyone who Prodigy might be dating. Luckly she pretty but prodigy iis stiill miines. Is the former lead singer and member of the American boy band, Mindless Behavior. Who is prodigy from mindless behavior dating together the powerful female energy of the omg girlz is reminiscent of iconic girl groups tlc, the spice girls and.

Craig Thomas Crippen, Jr. Prodigy from mindless behavior.

Ray Ray and Star DATING!!! (mindless bhavior and omg girlz hook it up?)

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