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QB Andrew Luck ; ; fourth-round pick Colts get: Any trade the Browns could make would need to solve their quarterback problem, and unlike last year with Garoppolo, there isn’t a potential franchise signal-caller floating around as a backup. You’re looking at quarterbacks like Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott as possible trade targets, and those moves don’t make much sense for the teams on the other side. The only exception that comes to mind is Indianapolis, where Luck missed all of last season with a shoulder injury that originally wasn’t expected to cost him any game time in Trade acquisition Jacoby Brissett played surprisingly well in Luck’s absence, and while Brissett wasn’t as good as the Stanford passer, he did enough to hold the fort for a fraction of Luck’s cost. The people who drafted Luck are out of the building, and while I suspect the current Colts regime thinks Luck is still their man, maybe the team can be blown away by an offer — especially if there’s a rookie quarterback it loves in this year’s draft. So let’s get former Chiefs executives Chris Ballard and John Dorsey to team up on a truly earth-shattering swap.

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Calamine Lotion A scanty bit of thing said: I am not into this! This is fresh shit-slinging, with shit leftover from ,.. Cause some shit gets old! Are you in here?!!!

Talk show host Alex Jones has responded to a lawsuit from the parents of two children killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown.

That’s a cover for making it easier for big money to have an influence in politics. But there’s another angle to it, which I don’t think has been considered as much: They might be people because the Supreme Court said so, but they’re essentially algorithms. If you look at a company like Google or Amazon and many others, they do a little bit of device manufacture, but the only reason they do is to create a channel between people and algorithms.

And the algorithms run on these big cloud computer facilities. The distinction between a corporation and an algorithm is fading. Does that make an algorithm a person? Here we have this interesting confluence between two totally different worlds. We have the world of money and politics and the so-called conservative Supreme Court, with this other world of what we can call artificial intelligence, which is a movement within the technical culture to find an equivalence between computers and people.

In both cases, there’s an intellectual tradition that goes back many decades. Previously they’d been separated; they’d been worlds apart. Now, suddenly they’ve been intertwined. The idea that computers are people has a long and storied history. It goes back to the very origins of computers, and even from before.

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Report Story You shook your head as Brooke read you hers and Jake’s text messages, damn, that boys game was weak. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine. Brooke scoffed, “Interrupt much?

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Prior to his appearance in the MCU however, very few knew anything of this horned trickster, other than comic fans or Norse mythology nerds. But did you know he also likes to cross-dress, is a pansexual and almost looked a lot like Jim Carrey? His cosmic meddling would famously a few years later, similar to his role in the MCU, cause the formation of the Avengers. Published by Timely Comics — the future Marvel — this comic series followed the romantic adventures of the Greek Siren Venus which naturally brought her into contact with some of mythologies greatest characters.

For his part, Loki is depicted as the ruler of Hades, having nothing to do with his Norsian background or Asgardian lineage. When comics made way for the era of superheroes, Loki was reimagined by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as the trickster we all know and sneer at today. Apparently he inherited all that from his biological father — or should we say mother. His biological father is, as his last name suggests, Laufey. But is he really? According to North mythology Laufey is actually a female and therefore the mother of Loki.

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Her younger brother had just begun his freshman year at Staunton Military Academy, and the Silbermans envisioned a getaway to see him as autumn foliage erupted in the Shenandoah Valley. But when a handsome Yale student invited the year-old Janet to a football game, her plans for the weekend changed. She was in the stands in New Haven on Saturday, October 31, when a close family friend, who was also the family lawyer, suddenly appeared.

THE MYTH OF AI. A lot of us were appalled a few years ago when the American Supreme Court decided, out of the blue, to decide a question it hadn’t been asked to decide, and declare that corporations are people.

I hope you like it! After Uma tried to take over Auradon, Ben kept his promise to give the new generation a chance at a better life. The next villain kids that arrived at Auradon were the son of Gaston, the daughter of Drizella Tremaine, and the son of Captain Hook. As he turns a corner he sees a girl with light brown hair and his heart skips a beat when he sees her smile while she walks with Lonnie and Jane.

He sees her turn to him for a moment and he winks at her, only for her to look away and ignore him as they cross paths. The next morning at school, Harry sits a few tables away from her, staring at the girl as she talks with her friends, eating her lunch. She looks in his direction and he waves at her, trying to get her attention, but she just dismisses him again.

Harry searches for the girl after many more failed attempts to get her attention. He finds her sitting against a tree outside of the school looking down at a book on her lap. He stomps over to her, determined to finally get her to notice him. Why are you ignoring me? His frown then fades as he hears her giggle.

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High up in the misty mountain, Taleh Mog’s parents told her to go to the big city and make money. She had been giving it to the local mountain boys for free, so she might as well get some money to keep her parents on their old age.

A — Housing a. Crown Gear C — Carrier a. Theory OK, so we know setting up the gears requires care and precision, but the entire process is really just a matter of adjusting four separate but inter-related settings until they all fall within specification. The four settings are: Figure 5 — Backlash Backlash Definition: The amount by which a tooth space exceeds the thickness of an engaging tooth. Think of it as: Play between the mating teeth of gears or how tightly the ring and pinion gears mesh together.

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To you in particular. Did you even know my name was Cathy? That I sit behind you in homeroom?

This parody cartoon series imagines your favorite cartoon characters hooking up! Season 4 includes: Deadpool and Harley, Teen Titans, Superman and Wonder Woman, Scorpion and Mileena, Krillin and Android 18, Spider Man and Mary Jane, and many more!

Set up the tension. Keep saying no to your characters. Whatever it is they want, hold it back. The best conflict is one that appears unsolvable, so heap difficult situations on your characters and make them prove their mettle. In the dystopian future world of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the government of Panem holds a yearly lottery to select two young participants from each of twelve districts to battle to the death as entertainment and retribution for rebellion. The worst thing that could happen to a young person in one of the twelve districts is to have their name drawn.

For the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, there is even something worse than that: The name of her fearful and delicate little sister Primrose is selected. Katniss volunteers to take her place, and she and Peeta, a young man who once gave her family food to survive, must face opponents who have trained their whole lives for such a moment.

Tension builds throughout the story as alliances are made, rules are arbitrarily changed, and one by one the other competitors are killed.


You pass for a most remarkable man, omniscient in fact. And all the time—if the truth must out—you know absolutely nothing. Will you join us?

harry hook imagines Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Most people were afraid that he’d end up hooking the kid in the middle of the night during a colic episode. It was either that or he’d just up and leave you to care for the baby yourself.

Shotaro Hidari is a Private Detective who imagines his life as something straight out of a Hardboiled Detective novel. His partner is a boy called Philip, a mysterious researcher able to psychically connect to a collection of all the world’s knowledge. Their speciality is solving supernatural crimes committed by Dopants: To combat this threat, Shotaro and Philip use their own set of purified Gaia Memories and their Double Drivers to fuse into the world’s first ” two-in-one ” Kamen Rider: As the story unfolds, Shotaro and Philip slowly uncover the secrets behind the latter’s forgotten past , contend with a Hot-Blooded police officer on a quest of personal vengeance , and track down the source of the Gaia Memories that are being manufactured and sold in the shadows of Futo: Shows strong influence from Manga-turned – Toku Choujin Barom 1 , Hardboiled Detective fiction, Cyber Punk , and madcap comedy— making the series as much a matter of fusion as its Rider.

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