Harley Quinn dating Batman is now reality thanks to Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Connor

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Gotham City Sirens

Jason Levine Filed under: Why are they on those lists? Harley Quinn has only existed for a little over twenty years.

All February long, Harley Quinn is taking over DC Entertainment. From a new Facebook page to a product line at Hot Topic and beyond, DC”s bubbliest psychopath is everywhere.

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Who The Women Of Marvel And DC Are Dating Or Married To In Real Life she’s starred in the DC Extended Universe as the energetic and mostly mad Batman villain Harley Quinn in “Suicide Squad.

Ivy is a rare person who has actually shown she cares about the well-being of Harley, and wants better for her than living a deranged and abused life. It’s actually pretty surprising given how Ivy usually shows the most concern for plants and is not typically that big on other people. More recently the fan speculation about these two dating has been made official through multiple stories.

It’s an aspect that is now openly acknowledged in their comics, and is at the very least hinted at with their modern animated stories. Of all Harley’s relationships, this is the one many of her fans like the most because it is healthy and mutually loving. Though it’s fun to see Harley try out other romances, the love between her and Ivy is the one that a lot of people want to see last for the long term. In this issue, Ms. Quinn has an encounter with Lobo, the regenerating bounty hunter with a flying motorcycle.

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The Animated Series” in But judging from preliminary pictures of the ” Suicide Squad ” movie, which is currently being filmed in Toronto for a release, Harley is getting herself picked up pretty literally, in fact by someone new: DC Comics In the New 52 reboot of “Suicide Squad” that took place in , Harley straight up leaves the Joker to join the Squad and finds herself attracted to Deadshot, the team’s leader.

The two reformed villains even hook up, but it never gets very serious — and things become complicated when the Joker goes missing and is assumed dead, which causes Harley to go running off to look for him.

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By Nicole Herviou This is where Jimmy Palmiotti was asked who in the Marvel Universe he’d like to pair up with Harley Quinn, the colorful Gotham villain — and former Joker sidekick — whose solo comic he and Amanda Conner have been tasked with writing. This was a question a lot of fans, including myself, had a very strong and long-held opinion on. Would the experts agree?

Luckily, Palmiotti gave the one answer we were looking for, an answer that made the room explode with unbridled joy: Loved the Deadpool movie? Here’s your guide to the comics These two characters would be star-crossed partners, to say the least. But crossovers between the two companies have happened before — and whether fans want them to get together as a team, as a couple or both, this ship pretty much sails itself. Let’s break down exactly why the two weirdest anti-heroes in comics would be so perfect together: Their kind of crazy With the release of Deadpool this month, millions of cinemagoers discovered that the “Merc with a Mouth” is completely out of his mind.

And the upcoming Suicide Squad movie will no doubt show that the same goes for Harley Quinn.

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Aug 01,  · Dating Harley Quinn No one, and I mean NO ONE understands the turmoil, the damage, the prison, the nightmare. the HELL that a person undergoes while in a relationship with a narcissist -unless they have been there themselves.

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Harley Quinn

The Animated Series episode ” Joker’s Favor “, [6] as what was originally supposed to be the animated equivalent of a walk-on role; a number of police officers were to be taken hostage by someone jumping out of a pop out cake , and it was decided that to have the Joker do so himself would be too bizarre, although he ended up doing it anyway. Dini thus created a female sidekick for the Joker, who would become his love interest.

Arleen Sorkin , a former star of the soap opera Days of Our Lives , appeared in a dream sequence on that series in which she wore a jester costume; Dini used this scene as an inspiration for Quinn. Mad Love recounts the character’s origin story.

Harley also appears in “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” expansion, seeking revenge on Batman for the death of the Joker. By this time, Harley has dyed her hair completely black and wears almost all black, with a “J” necklace and mourning veil.

But again, depending on the way they go with the character It is not only the Joker who abuses Harley Quinn, either. Batman punched Harley in the face, carried her unconscious body to the trunk of the car, and proceeded to give her CPR in a scene that was unnecessarily sexual. The misogyny is strong with those people, let me tell you. Plus, it uses an outdated view of schizophrenia. First of all, most people with schizophrenia and mental illness in general are NOT violent and do NOT pose a danger to others.

Second, schizophrenia is more than just hearing voices — it is a complex disorder and many patients can live fulfilling lives with proper treatment. In The Batman Adventures: Instead, I got a sexed-up atrocious parody of a strong female character with inconsistent writing and who glorified abusive relationships. Misogyny at its finest, am I right?

Instead, she meekly submits to his will and never does some soul-searching and realizes that the Joker is only using her as a plaything Suicide Squad could have provided much-needed commentary on domestic abuse, but it failed to do so.

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Aside from hopefully righting the ship that nearly tipped over with Batman V Superman , Suicide Squad is meant to extend the DC Cinematic Universe and bring a whole bunch of new and returning characters into the fray in an exciting way. And look for most of that fun to come courtesy of fan-favorite character Harley Quinn , making her big screen debut after years of fanboy dreams and wild comic book storylines.

Yes, the crazed lover of Mr.

Apr 05,  · Ever wonder what it would be like to date the infamous Harley Quinn, Suicide Squad? Our Best advice is Don’t Cheat on her! She’s crazy. With the .

Instead — blazing a new trail as her character so often does — she originated from a scene in Batman: Originally nothing more than a girlfriend and accomplice to The Joker on the small screen, the character gained such a strong following that DC Comics fleshed out her backstory by bringing her into the Batman Comics. As her therapy sessions with The Joker wore on, she soon found herself falling in love with the deranged Clown Prince of Crime as he manipulated her in ways that only he could.

After becoming completely obsessed with her beloved Mr. J, Harley Quinn soon finds herself as his accomplice and sidekick, doing anything for the man that she loves more than anyone in the world. Originally filmed as part of a Season 2 episode, Harley appeared in the A. While her character was simply intended to be an easter egg that got cut for time, later plans to include Harley in episodes — such as the Season 2 finale — had to be axed due to her inclusion in the Suicide Squad film.

Eventually, after making some friends and turning a new page for a while, Harley realizes that her new life is an unsustainable lie and — as is often the case with Ms. Quinn — goes back to her old ways of Joker obsession and insanity. Her past paramours include Deadshot — to be played by Will Smith in Suicide Squad — as well as Poison Ivy; the latter of which eventually developed into an iconic comic book relationship that took on many forms.

And one of those forms leads us to our next point.. And yet, it still seems very Harley Quinn, as she non-ironically became a folk singer in a folk duo along with Poison Ivy. In fact, she even went back to working as a therapist at a nursing home at one point. Past stories have seen Harley make a conscious effort to reform herself and re-enter society.

Harley Quinn’s Introduction Scene – Suicide Squad [HD]

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